I haven’t sent anything ‘snail-mail’ for a long time so when I went to the Post Office to buy a stamp (recently), I was SHOCKED……55 cents……for ONE stamp.  It was at that moment, I knew I had to write this Blog.

In the world of Media, we base a lot of our campaigns on CPM (or cost per thousand).  Basically, how much it costs to reach 1,000 people.  So, if you  take the price of ONE stamp ($.55) and multiply it by 1,000, it will cost you $550 to mail out a letter <or offer> to one thousand persons.  Let’s not forget that you’ll have to lick 1,000 envelopes to seal them, YUCK (and, if you remember what happened to George’s Fiancé on Seinfeld—–poor Susan).  And, lastly, you have to physically take them to the Post Office to mail them out…….MIND BLOWN.

At Bullseye Marketing, we offer over 50 Digital Solutions and there is not one that exceeds $20 CPM, which is 275% CHEAPER than mail.

Plus, at BMG, our solutions are so TARGETED that they reach your exact prospects, with little to no waste.  What does that mean to you?  You’re reaching your PERFECT audience and exactly the right time.  Bottom-line, you’re not getting caught-up in a bunch of Junk Mail & bills like regular letters do.

To summarize, you can keep using the Spray & Pray method of the mail system and hope your prospect/suspect gets your message OR use one of BMG’s solutions and hit the BULLSEYE…..EVERY TIME.

Be Relevant, Be Engaged, Be Connected w/ Bullseye Marketing!