Ready, Aim, Fire. That’s our strategy at Bullseye Marketing Group!

With so many MASS mediums out there, it’s so hard to pinpoint your message to your exact audience. I refer to this as ‘throwing spaghetti against wall’. Sure, some of those noodles will stick, but can you really afford to guess which ones will? For me, I’d rather pay a little more for a DART to hit my exact customer…….knowing that there is little to NO waste in my marketing dollars.

Of course, the message is as important as reaching that audience. If your call-to-action is weak (or non-existent) you won’t even make a dent in your prospect’s mind. As a local, direct client you really can’t afford to ‘brand’ yourself. If you’re a big conglomerate like McDonalds (who spends tens of Millions of dollars in advertising each year), you can ‘throw-up’ your infamous Golden Arches and everyone knows who you are and what you’re selling…….without any price-point. As a local advertiser, it’s hard enough to get customers into your store. So, when you can afford to run a marketing campaign, you can’t waste it. Make sure that the CTA is strong enough to capture interest.  [...]  Read More