Don’t Go Away Mad……..Just Go Away!

YES………I’m back to showing-off my ’80’s Music Trivia skills with Motley Crue’s hit song:  (Girl) Don’t Away Mad – (Girl) Just Go Away.   It may sound funny, but are you telling your clients – THE SAME THING?

When I speak to clients about their current website, one of the first things I ask is: ‘Why do you have a website’?  Hands-down: the number one answer is always “because my competition does”.  After I get off the floor, my second question is: “Do you feel your website best-represents your company and your brand”?  The answer (most of the time) is NO, but I can’t afford a ‘good’ website.  But, what the REAL question should be is: can you afford NOT to invest in what many consider to be your ON-LINE ‘Store Front’. [...]  Read More