Simplicity  OSignificant?

When it comes to Marketing……..it should be BOTH!!

You’ve probably heard the acronym:  KISS (keep it simple st***d).  Just like in real life – you need to keep this mentality when it comes to your marketing message.  IF you confuse your prospects, they will get confused and will not buy your product or service.




The marketing and advertising industry is constantly expanding. Competitors are joining the race from all directions, and many brands are feeling the pressure to stay ahead with seemingly convoluted marketing solutions. However, simplicity in marketing can be even more beneficial than innovative and complex ideas. According to Siegel+Gale, 75% of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand because it is simple. Here are three reasons why simplicity works so well in marketing.

1. Consumers learn about your brand faster
The point of marketing is to interest consumers in your brand. Because they can have a short attention span, it’s important to deliver your brand’s message as fast as possible. When you keep things simple, it allows consumers to see your advertisement or product, understand your brand, and process that information quickly. Google’s search engine is a prime example of effective and simple marketing in action. Google’s homepage shows their logo and the search bar—the main component you go to Google to use. Instantly, you know where you are and what you’re there for.

Whether your brand is trying to push a product or give a service, make sure your message is able to be quickly understood. This way, consumers will spend more time connected to your brand as opposed to trying to figure out what it is.  STAND OUT & BE DIFFERENT!!


2. Removes stress for the consumer when making decisions
Many marketing strategies include a comparison with the competition in order to prove why your brand is better than other similar ones. While it’s important to show what makes your brand unique, it doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Apple created a series of straightforward, yet persuasive TV commercials that compared a Mac vs. a PC. In the commercial, the Mac and the PC took the form of two men—the PC as an uptight businessman and the Mac as a young, laid-back innovator. Without giving any statistics or prices, Apple showed why a Mac is more intuitive and easier to use than a PC.

When trying to out-market the competition, use simpler comparisons to show your brand’s uniqueness as opposed to bombarding the consumer with numbers and stats that they won’t remember. Simplicity removes the guesswork and allows consumers to weigh their options more clearly.

3. Builds trust between your brand and the consumer
A simple marketing strategy builds trust with consumers, because it eliminates confusion. Your brand’s message should be clearly stated without any suspicious or unclear content. According to research firm Harris Interactive, Amazon has the highest reputation among US consumers because of its positive user experience. Amazon focuses on easy navigation and convenience, which allows consumers to make purchases without getting overwhelmed.

Building trust with consumers is an important part of marketing, because it also builds consumer loyalty. A simple experience is pleasant and something that people will want to come back to.

Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple Inc., said it best: “Simple can be harder than complex. You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end.” Simplifying your brand’s marketing can be tougher than you think, but it’s the key to connecting with consumers. Here at Bullseye Marketing Group, we have marketing experts who can help create a simple strategy for your brand or simplify the strategy you already have in place. Contact us today.